Madrid to get the tallest skyscrapers in Spain

The facelift to the capital’s north is set to be the most important project for the city in the next 25 years

Spanish politics

Let undocumented migrants work on construction projects: Madrid mayor

Manuela Carmena’s plan aimed at addressing current shortage of manual labor and giving people with irregular immigration status the opportunity to earn a legal wage

Spanish politics

Eyeing 2019 elections, Spain’s leftist parties make surprising moves

Madrid Mayor Manuela Carmena has been approached by rival Socialists to run as their own candidate in upcoming polls


Political fallout continues after rioting in Madrid’s Lavapiés neighborhood

Madrid Mayor Manuela Carmena brushes off criticism from within own party as freedom of expression


What is going on at Madrid City Hall?

Sacking of city economy chief highlights conflict and deep political divisions in the Spanish capital


Baa baa black shop: Madrid’s one-way street policy draws pedestrian ire

Police stop people from walking the “wrong” way on Preciados and Calle del Carmen on weekends


Madrid City Hall announces plans to close “Spanish Broadway” to traffic

Restrictions will be put in place on Gran Vía during Christmas holidays, before permanent measures coming in June

Referendum in Catalonia

Podemos and Basque radical left protest Catalonia referendum raids

Pablo Iglesias and Arnaldo Otegi urge people to demonstrate on streets after arrests on Wednesday

Referendum in Catalonia

Ahead of planned Catalan poll, main opposition Socialist Party sides with government

PSOE leader Pedro Sánchez shows support for PP’s attempts to deal with secessionist challenge

animal welfare

What to do with the growing numbers of abandoned pets in Madrid?

Law preventing unwanted dogs and cats from being put down means capital’s animal protection center is full

Spanish Civil War

Madrid to conserve iconic Civil War building

Campaign by local residents in Entrevías district saves housing block photographed by Robert Capa

80th anniversary of Guernica

Nazi memorial removed from Madrid cemetery on Guernica anniversary

Dismantling of mausoleum timed for 80th anniversary of bombing of town in Spain’s north

LGBTQ Rights

Madrid orders bus with anti-transgender message off streets

City Hall says campaign by ultraconservative group breaks rules on advertising and is incitement to hate


Madrileños vote on new Plaza de España, but not all happy with process

Ballot to choose redesign for central park area derided as an expensive farce by opposition


Smog-hit Madrid mulls ban on non-residents’ cars in city center

Draft traffic plan would see downtown converted into a pedestrian priority zone


Real Madrid’s new-look stadium could include hotel and shopping mall

Agreement reached with City Hall over development of capital’s iconic Bernabéu soccer ground


The companies racing to be first in Spanish e-commerce delivery

Express shipping firms and logistics giants are vying against each other in a market with high growth potential


Telepizza flops on first day of trading

After nine-year absence, franchise loses 19% of share price on Madrid bourse


Taxi drivers from across Spain march in Madrid against liberalization plans

Sector says “unfair competition” from likes of Uber will mean ruin for 100,000 families


The 20 richest Spaniards hold as much wealth as the poorest 30%, says new Oxfam report

Spain among EU nations that have seen the biggest rise in inequality since start of crisis