Vargas Llosa: “My hope is that the government has enough energy to prevent a coup”

The Nobel Prize winner says that the planned Catalan referendum is “illegal, anachronistic and absurd”

Catalan secession

Night of tension in Barcelona between police and protesters over raid

The Catalan police force had to escort Civil Guard officers from inside the economy department



Ros cartoon, September 21, 2017


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, September 21, 2017

Catalan bid for independence

Julian Assange falls for satirical story from Spanish website El Mundo Today

The WikiLeaks founder has been weighing in on the ongoing crisis in Catalonia via Twitter

Referendum in Catalonia

Spain’s main parties offer secessionists “dialogue” after referendum date

The PP and the PSOE are willing to discuss Catalonia’s role within Spain, but demand poll be called off

Referendum in Catalonia

Podemos and Basque radical left protest Catalonia referendum raids

Pablo Iglesias and Arnaldo Otegi urge people to demonstrate on streets after arrests on Wednesday

Referendum in Catalonia

Catalan deputy premier admits change in “state of play” on independence vote

But Oriol Junqueras stresses “everything is being done” to allow the vote to go ahead


The lies of the Catalan regional premier

In a democracy, leaders cannot tell untruths with impunity


One in four of flights canceled by Ryanair affects a Spanish airport

Barcelona will be worst hit by measure, which was due to a “mess-up” with vacation planning


The spectacular flowering of Chile’s Atacama Desert

Unusual winter rains lead to display involving more than 200 species of native plants