Spanish Civil War

Madrid to conserve iconic Civil War building

Campaign by local residents in Entrevías district saves housing block photographed by Robert Capa


Electronic music brings Barcelona’s tourists and residents together

Brunch in the Park attracts 6,000 people in the Montjuïc park every Sunday

personal leadership

Why we should take a balanced approach to our vacations

Follow the German model: time with the family, our partner, and alone if we feel like it


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, July 24, 2017



Ros cartoon, July 24, 2017


Spain’s Balearic Islands to approve bloodless bullfights

New law will forbid killing or injuring of bulls and impose strict rules on breeders and venues

Catalan bid for independence

“The Catalan independence train is still going but it has come off the rails”

Leading artists from Catalonia speak out against planned secession vote; entrepreneurs eye it warily

citizens' europe

The great Brexit brain drain

UK universities, which contribute 2.8% of GDP, are already seeing a decline in applications from abroad as the country nears its exit from the European Union


Just how healthy is Spain’s famed Mediterranean diet?

Many of its principles are recommendable, but there’s more marketing than actual health benefits