Spanish woman who was fleeing father of girlfriend found in Istanbul

Jimena Rico and Egyptian partner “threatened with death” by parent, who didn’t accept their relationship

Florida judge asks to verify if will left by crooner Juan Gabriel is authentic

Beloved idol named just one heir, but two unrecognized children are mounting legal challenge

Venezuela’s pro-government militias terrorizing opposition protest marches

Civilians accused of working with police and responsible for killings apparently operating with impunity

Argentina to create a DNA registry of convicted sex offenders

Recent murder prods government into action; existing law had been languishing since 2013

Nazi memorial removed from Madrid cemetery on Guernica anniversary

Dismantling of mausoleum timed for 80th anniversary of bombing of town in Spain’s north


Ros cartoon, April 27, 2017

El Roto

El Roto cartoon, April 27, 2017

Spain’s population declines for fifth year in a row

Database of municipal registers shows drop of 17,982 individuals for a total of 46.5 million

Spain’s unemployment edges up by 17,200 in first three months of 2017

After poor winter, jobless rate now at 18.75%, slightly above figure for the end of 2016

The fight against Spain’s increasingly brazen drug traffickers

Gangs are unafraid of law enforcement as they ship hashish into Europe near Gibraltar