Climate change

The Greta Thunberg generation

Inspired by the Swedish teenage climate activist, the younger members of society are leading the fight against global warming


Argentine 19-year-old who shot her boyfriend gets life sentence

South American country has been gripped by trial of Nahir Galarza, who killed Fernando Pastorizzo, and later accused him of gender violence during the trial


Argentine Chamber of Deputies votes in favor of legalized abortion

The draft law that will allow for terminations up to the 14th week will now have to pass the more conservative Senate


Argentine soccer association hands out advice on how to pick up Russian women

The controversial text was included on a course for sports journalists ahead of this summer’s World Cup tournament in the country


Why Argentina’s request for an IMF loan is bringing back bad memories

The decision by President Macri to ask for assistance from the fund has awakened fears of the country’s worst economic crises

Gender violence

Argentine dad poses as 11-year-old daughter, beats up her sexual harasser

The man had sent sexually explicit messages via WhatsApp to the young girl and asked her to send photos in her underwear

dying languages

The last speaker of Chaná, a language believed to have died a century ago

New documentary keeps culture of indigenous group alive through the testimony of one man


Men who beat woman to death in Argentina given suspended sentence

Prosecutors cut deal with defense team over “unintentional” killing in 2016 of Marisela Pozo

LGBTQ rights

Argentina releases ‘Higui,’ lesbian accused of killing would-be rapist

Appeals court frees 43-year-old who spent eight months in pre-trial custody on homicide charge


Calls in Argentina for release of ‘Higui’, a lesbian who killed would-be rapist

The 43-year-old is accused of homicide, but her defense argues that she is a victim who acted in self-defense

Verne in English

English teacher suspended for mocking student exam on Facebook

Woman in Argentina made fun of pupil who answered test question in wrong language


Forty years later, Argentina’s bravest mothers keep marching

In 1977 a handful of women joined forces to look for their children, abducted by the military dictatorship

gender violence

Argentina to create a DNA registry of convicted sex offenders

Recent murder prods government into action; existing law had been languishing since 2013


Argentinean gives birth while in coma and wakes up three months on

Amelia Bannan suffered a serious head injury in car accident when she was six months pregnant


Thousands gather in Buenos Aires in wake of latest femicide case

Body of activist Micaela García was recently discovered after she went missing in Gualeguay


Argentinean woman jailed for abortion acquitted after two years

Tucumán Provincial Supreme Court overrules eight-year sentence for aggravated homicide


Why Argentina is drowning in a sea of increasingly worthless banknotes

Country has been hit by high inflation, printing too much money and its cash-based economy


The Buenos Aires slum fighting to save its youngsters from drug dealers

Church-led initiative in Argentinean capital offers way to reduce crime among teens

Sexual politics in Argentina

Hundreds of women stage mass topless protest in Buenos Aires

March follows beach incident when 20 police threatened three with arrest for showing their breasts


How a rumor set Argentina’s cigarette price soaring

The price of a pack of cigarettes shot up by 40 percent and then fell sharply


Messi’s missing torso: Buenos Aires statue of striker broken in half

Act of vandalism reflects Argentineans’ divided opinion of Barcelona FC striker


Aconcagua climbers will have to pay for their own helicopter rescue

Provincial authorities in Mendoza say cost of providing $2,500-an-hour service is too high


Argentina sees six gender-related murders in two days

The two murderers had been reported previously to the police by their victims


One-hour strike called in Argentina after rape and murder of Lucía Pérez

Protest marches planned throughout the country on Wednesday over teenager’s gruesome sex killing


Southern slums show flip side of ‘wealthy’ Buenos Aires

Capital of Argentina a tale of two very different cities as rampant inflation bites


At age of 97, Plaza de Mayo grandma finally gets justice for lost daughter

An Argentinean court finds three men guilty for the disappearance of Patricia Roisinblit during the so-called “Dirty War”


Argentineans take to the streets to protest against gender violence

South American country’s female murder rate is five times that of Spain’s