The Spanish migrants who want to go home (but not at any price)

The government is working on a plan to attract people who left the country during the crisis


Far-right political party Vox attracts 9,000 people to Madrid rally

Created in 2014, the group drew its largest crowd ever at the weekend as polls suggest it could win a seat in Congress


Think you wouldn’t be lured in by a cult? You may want to think again...

Sects in Spain, often disguised as meditation or yoga groups, prey on people from all backgrounds including lawyers, psychologists and scientists


Partner of Spanish woman murdered in Costa Rica: “They didn’t warn us about the danger”

Family of Arancha Gutiérrez, killed during holidays on island of Tortuguero, has called for more support


Hundreds protest to keep Franco’s remains in Valley of the Fallen

Supporters of the regime gathered on Sunday to demand the Spanish government halt its plans to exhume the former dictator


After nine years of growth, number of Spaniards living abroad hits new high

The biggest rise in absolute terms was seen in the United Kingdom, with 12,141 new registrations