Steven Pinker: “Populists are on the dark side of history”

Steven Pinker is one of the great figures of cognitive psychology and a specialist in the connections between mind and language. A tireless debater, popular science author and Harvard professor, his latest book: 'Enlightenment Now: The Case For Reason, Science, Humanism and Progress' takes issue with those whose apocalyptic vision for the world has cast them in the role of its savior – namely, the populists and the enemies of progress who appear to be gaining ground in the current global climate.


Partner of Spanish woman murdered in Costa Rica: “They didn’t warn us about the danger”

Family of Arancha Gutiérrez, killed during holidays on island of Tortuguero, has called for more support


Wildfire in Valencia under control, but many still unable to go home

Collapsed structures and debris prevent half of the 3,000 evacuees from returning to houses in or near Gandía


Ryanair pilot strike affects 14,000 passengers on Spanish flights

The low-cost airline has canceled nearly 400 flights across Europe on Friday due to industrial action in Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Ireland and the Netherlands


Madrid to get the tallest skyscrapers in Spain

The facelift to the capital’s north is set to be the most important project for the city in the next 25 years