The Catalan independence process is an economic disaster

The current political chaos in the region will have serious consequences for growth and confidence in the banks

crisis in catalonia

Court suspends Catalan parliament session to avoid independence declaration

As crisis in northeastern region deepens, Prime Minister Rajoy calls on regional leader to change course “to avoid greater harm”

crisis in catalonia

Catalan premier asks for mediation, without renouncing independence

But Spanish government says he must first obey the law before any talks can take place

Catalan independence referendum

How the independence referendum has split the Catalan police force

Recent operations have divided Mossos and called into question relations with other forces and judiciary

Catalan independence

Main groups in European Parliament urge immediate dialogue

MEPs reject a unilateral declaration of independence and say referendum was illegal


It’s time for the government to act on Catalonia

Spain’s parties must draw up a plan to complete the objective outlined by the king


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El Roto cartoon, October 5, 2017



Ros cartoon, October 5, 2017

Personal leadership

How to spot a passive aggressive person in your life

Here are some tips on how to recognize this behavior and act with serenity and efficiency


What is really happening in Catalonia?

The independence leaders left the referendum in the hands of the general population, who had to face the police response alone


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, October 4, 2017


Will Toronto name sports stadium after drug-taking former mayor?

Rob Ford was infamous for video of him smoking crack as well as homophobic jokes and racist comments