Spanish seniors on the coronavirus pandemic: ‘If the virus doesn’t kill us, sadness will’

A social life on hold, fear of going out and difficulties with new technology are exacerbating the loneliness felt by the elderly, who account for 20% of the population of Spain


Ten covert police operations that took place under Spain’s PP government

Illegally spying on former Popular Party treasurer Luis Bárcenas was just one of the jobs carried out without judicial oversight by a group of officers who also disseminated false evidence against Catalan separatists and the leftist party Podemos. EL PAÍS has reconstructed events based on testimony from their targets


Alleged fraudster ‘Little Nicolás’: “They sent me to a school where everyone was rich except for me”

Francisco Nicolás Gómez Iglesias talks to EL PAÍS about how he went from rubbing shoulders with Spain’s political elite to facing up to 30 years in jail for fraud


Catalan separatists call for “political solution” to crisis on last day of trial

The 12 leaders charged for their role in the 2017 secession bid insisted that their only aim was to give Catalans a chance to express themselves through a referendum


Defense at Catalan separatist trial admits there was disobedience

In closing arguments, lawyers for independence leaders accepted the lesser charge but denied accusations of rebellion, sedition and misuse of public funds

Catalan secession bid

In Spain, a political storm precedes trial of Catalan independence leaders

The prosecution and the defense’s strategies will hinge on whether any violence was used during the bid for unilateral secession


Spain’s new Popular Party leader promises a shift to the right

Pablo Casado supports more restrictive abortion legislation, and reforms to election laws

Drug trafficking

Spain: Europe’s new cocaine gateway

A record-breaking amount of the illicit drug is arriving in Spanish port cities such as Algeciras and Valencia


From duke to prisoner: how King Felipe’s brother-in-law fell from grace

Former Olympic athlete Iñaki Urdangarin was once a golden boy, but his royal connections saw him poisoned in a world of privilege and he came to believe he was untouchable


For Spain’s Letizia, it’s not easy being queen...

As a very public spat with her mother-in-law revealed last week, balancing her need for privacy with the obligations of the Spanish monarchy has proved difficult for the former news anchor


Catalan campaign marred by harassment of anti-independence parties

Experts say that region is polarized like never before, and warn of threat of low-level violence

Catalan independence

How and why capital fled Catalonia

The global repercussion of the Catalan crisis has alarmed international companies, pushing them to move their legal headquarters

Catalan independence referendum

How the independence referendum has split the Catalan police force

Recent operations have divided Mossos and called into question relations with other forces and judiciary

Referendum in Catalonia

The silent majority opposed to independence in Catalonia

Doubters and opponents of referendum are faced with hordes of flag-waving separatists


ETA’s lost war

After 20 years behind bars, ex-convicts return to a different and more diverse reality in Basque Country


Pope Francis: “The danger is that in times of crisis we look for a savior”

On Donald Trump, the Pontiff says: “I don’t like to get ahead of myself. It would be like prophets predicting calamities or windfalls that will not come to pass”


Catholic Church opens files on dark period of Argentina dictatorship

But only victims and their relatives may access an archive made up of thousands of letters

US Election 2016

Donald Trump “is not a Christian,” says Pope Francis

“When ISIS attacks the Vatican, he will wish I was president,” Republican fires back

Latin America

Pope Francis to embrace indigenous customs on Mexico visit

Pontiff tells leaders to make country a land “where you don’t have to emigrate to dream”


Spanish priest arrested in new Vatican leaks case

Monsignor Vallejo, who remains in custody, is the prefect secretary for economic affairs

Latin America

Pope Francis’s US visit underscores divisions among nation’s Catholics

Pontiff due to arrive from Cuba, where he refused to criticize Castro regime

Latin America

Cuban police prevent Pope Francis from meeting with dissidents

Pontiff makes no mention of political and social situations on visit to communist island


Pope calls mayors to the Vatican to discuss climate change and slavery

Madrid Mayor Manuela Carmena demands a discussion on prostitution and corruption

Latin America

Pope asks for forgiveness in Bolivia for “sins” committed during Conquest

“New colonialism always tightens belts of worker and the poor,” says pontiff Vatican officials taken aback by President Morales’ hammer and sickle crucifix gift

Latin America

Pope gives his backing to Morales’ social programs in Bolivia

Pontiff reported to have sipped coca-based tea before reaching high-altitude destination President hopes Francis will offer to mediate in border conflict with Chile

Latin America

“Latin America still owes a debt to the poor,” says pope on Ecuador visit

Pontiff begins nine-day regional tour that will also take him to Bolivia and Paraguay


Are these the 10 best streets in Europe?

EL PAÍS correspondents choose their favorite thoroughfares in the cities where they live