‘Most honorable premier’

Article 155 is not the end of the world and offers opportunities to avoid a dramatic outcome. If Puigdemont confirms the declaration of independence, Catalonia would have the right to be heard in the Senate

Catalan independence

How and why capital fled Catalonia

The global repercussion of the Catalan crisis has alarmed international companies, pushing them to move their legal headquarters



Ros cartoon, October 18, 2017


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, October 18, 2017

Hechos blog

The “Jordis” are not political prisoners – here’s why

Leaders of ANC and Òmnium Cultural were not taken into custody for their ideas but for alleged sedition


Where are we headed?

The Spanish government needs to explain to people how it plans to tackle the Catalan challenge


Seven art exhibitions to check out this fall

From Berlin and Malaga, to Paris and Barcelona, these events are a great excuse for a getaway

Catalan independence

Income and origins sway support for independence

The majority in favor of breaking away from Spain are established Catalan families with high incomes