‘If I survive the coronavirus, I don’t know if I will survive the crisis’

The lockdown to slow the spread of Covid-19 is causing a social emergency in Spain, with entire families confined to one room and children going hungry


Madrid: Reporting from ground zero of Spain’s coronavirus lockdown

The Spanish capital has been transformed by new restrictions to contain the spread of Covid-19, with funeral homes without wakes, taxi drivers without passengers and Mass without worshipers


In new twist to Pablo Ibar case, one juror goes back on guilty verdict

The Spanish citizen has been on death row in the US for 16 years over a 1994 triple murder, and was recently retried due to serious flaws at the original trial


Death row inmate Pablo Ibar found guilty of triple murder for a second time

A Florida jury did not explain its decision for convicting the half-Spanish defendant, who has maintained his innocence throughout three trials and 24 years spent in prison

Drug trafficking

Spain: Europe’s new cocaine gateway

A record-breaking amount of the illicit drug is arriving in Spanish port cities such as Algeciras and Valencia


The shellfish mafia on Galicia’s coasts

Groups of poachers are shifting tons of illegal seafood every year, selling what they harvest to restaurants and fish markets

Environmental disaster

“Many of us lined our pockets with the Prestige oil spill”

Galician fishermen miss big subsidies that followed 2002 disaster while other locals regret damage


“When we saw his face on the TV we couldn’t believe it:” Father of van driver in Barcelona attack

EL PAÍS talks to parents of terrorist who plowed vehicle into crowds in Barcelona killing 13 people

radicalization process

“They used to meet in a van and talk for hours and hours”

Cousin of two of suspects in last week's Barcelona attack says imam spent a year creating terror cell

Terrorist attack in Spain

Imam’s softly-softly approach forces rethink in combating radicalization

Experts try to explain modus operandi of Muslim cleric in town at center of Catalonia terror attacks


Shy, a good student and a car fanatic: suspected driver in Barcelona attack

Friends and neighbors describe Younes Abouyaaqoub, who was shot by police on Monday

terror attacks in barcelona

Imam accused of masterminding Barcelona attacks led “normal” life

Locals say regional police regularly visited but never told them Abdelbaki Es Satty had been in prison


Spanish victim of London attack was a banker who fought terrorism for years

Friends and relatives describe Ignacio Echeverría as tremendously honest and upright


“Last chance for Pablo”: family of US death row inmate starts crowdfunding drive

Pablo Ibar, of Spanish descent, needs over €1 million to pay for his defense at an upcoming re-trial


The town still divided over the bitter legacy of the Spanish Civil War

Opinion in Casasimarro is split about a plaque to resident killed in 1977 by neo-fascists


Why Spain’s brothels are filling up with 20-year-old johns

Police worry about the drastic decrease in the average age of clients, who come from all walks of life

inheritance laws

Basque law change sees Spaniards rush to write children out of wills

New regional civil code allowing parents to disinherit offspring has sparked massive interest


Civil guards in northern Spain: “At least they’ve stopped trying to kill us”

Five years after ETA lay down its arms, force in Navarre still faces hostility from locals


Ghosts of violence return to stronghold of Basque nationalism

Alsasua grapples with recent attack against two off-duty Civil Guard officers and their girlfriends


New DNA evidence provides twist to retrial of Spaniard released from death row

Lawyers for Pablo Ibar, in prison since 1994 over a triple murder, said it is a partial match