crisis in catalonia

Ousted Catalan leader could remain in Belgium until after Christmas

Carles Puigdemont expected to fight extradition requests by Spain, while jailed aides back home request release



Ros cartoon, November 21, 2017

crisis in catalonia

Germany, Austria provide inspiration for Spanish Constitution reform plan

Faced with political paralysis, a group of jurists has produced a blueprint to help resolve the Catalan crisis

Environmental disaster

“Many of us lined our pockets with the Prestige oil spill”

Galician fishermen miss big subsidies that followed 2002 disaster while other locals regret damage


Google to “engineer” Russia Today and Sputnik out of search results

Company says changes designed to fight spread of propaganda but is ruling out blanket bans


A failure of separatism

Barcelona loses the European Medicines Agency in the first round of voting due to political instability in the Catalan region


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, November 21, 2017


Should I speak to my child in English if I am not a native speaker?

More parents are considering communicating in a second language with their children, starting at birth