Post-Election Pacts

Ciudadanos offers to meet with PP as it pushes pact with Socialists

Albert Rivera will hold talks with Rajoy to discuss his plan to form a coalition government


Court finds no crime in booing at Spain’s national anthem

Judge dismisses complaint filed over incident during King’s Cup soccer match last May


Wanted: 1,000 extras for upcoming film shoot in Madrid

Employment agency puts out the call for movie, which will be set in the 1940s


On the snow from three months old

All of Spain’s ski resorts include parks to accommodate youngsters

Latin America

Venezuela’s opposition studies ways to revoke Maduro’s term

“The president’s days are numbered,” says Leopoldo López from his prison cell

Latin America

Bolivians split over whether to allow Evo Morales to run again

Sunday's referendum to decide if president can once more present himself in 2020

US Election 2016

Donald Trump “is not a Christian,” says Pope Francis

“When ISIS attacks the Vatican, he will wish I was president,” Republican fires back

Post-election pacts

Rajoy to Cameron: “Most likely there will be a new election on June 26”

Acting PM’s comments suggest he is unlikely to support an alternative government