Ten covert police operations that took place under Spain’s PP government

Illegally spying on former Popular Party treasurer Luis Bárcenas was just one of the jobs carried out without judicial oversight by a group of officers who also disseminated false evidence against Catalan separatists and the leftist party Podemos. EL PAÍS has reconstructed events based on testimony from their targets


Madrid extends coronavirus restrictions on mobility to eight new areas and recommends staying at home

In an unusual turn of events, Health Minister Salvador Illa held a press conference on Friday where he made clear that, in the government’s opinion, the region is not going far enough


As Madrid is offered 7,500 military personnel to combat coronavirus spread, experts consider what has gone wrong in the region

A complete lockdown may be inevitable, epidemiologists believe, with the measures currently in place being too little, too late


Nearly 3,000 classes in Spain forced to quarantine since beginning of school year

The number represents just 1% of the total, but has led to problems for thousands of families struggling to balance work with looking after children in isolation


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, September 25, 2020


Spain reports 10,653 new coronavirus cases but overall incidence falls slightly

Madrid continues to be the region that is being hardest hit by the second wave of the pandemic, followed by the northern areas of Navarre and La Rioja