Spain’s High Court to investigate ETA for crimes against humanity

Central criminal tribunal partly admits cases filed by terror victims’ associations But it has struck down arguments that the Basque group’s killings constituted genocide

animal cruelty

Police in Valencia rescue dog left abandoned in scorching car trunk

Vehicle owner with previous criminal record charged with cruelty to animals

Latin America

Pope asks for forgiveness in Bolivia for “sins” committed during Conquest

“New colonialism always tightens belts of worker and the poor,” says pontiff Vatican officials taken aback by President Morales’ hammer and sickle crucifix gift

Latin America

Latinos outnumber white population for first time ever in California

Non-Latino residents are now a minority in nation’s richest state, says US Census Bureau


A dispersed and beautiful run at the fourth day of Sanfermines 2015

Only one injury reported, with bulls completing the route through Pamplona in 2m 24s


‘Siesta,’ ‘fiesta’ and 17 other Spanish words that ‘guiris’* use

A look at some of the terms from Spain that have become lingua franca over the centuries

Royal weavers still turning out tapestries despite no pay

Workers at the 300-year-old institution went on strike earlier this year to demand action


Madrid mayor rejects idea of freeze on tourist accommodation licenses

Manuela Carmena will not be following example of Barcelona opposite Ada Colau Licenses for hotels in the Catalan capital have been suspended due to overcrowding