A dispersed and beautiful run at the fourth day of Sanfermines 2015

Only one injury reported, with bulls completing the route through Pamplona in 2m 24s

This runner managed to hold onto his hat at Friday’s Running of the Bulls.REUTERS / LIVE! (AGENCIA_DESCONOCIDA)

The fourth day of the Running of the Bulls at Sanfermines 2015 in Pamplona attracted fewer people than in previous days, allowing for a fast, clean and precise run.

It took just two minutes 24 seconds for the herd to complete the route through the narrow streets of the city, with the animals dispersed rather than bunched together, allowing hundreds of beautiful runs from the participants.

According to early data from the Red Cross and the local hospital, there was only one injury – a man with a broken finger.

The animals that ran the route on Friday were from the Fuente Ymbro stockbreeder, and were characterized by their array of colors – unusually, just one of the bulls was black.

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For the fourth day in a row, at 8am on the dot, the tame bullocks led the herd out of its pen on the Santo Domingo hill, and the animals began to spread out as they charged toward the runners.

By the time the herd reached Estafeta street, they had spread out even further, allowing for some spectacular runs by the participants.

The 150-meter approach to the bullring was also clean, and the animals burst through the gate one by one. For the first time this week, the dobladores in the ring needed to use their capes to direct the animals into their pen, after several of the bulls became disoriented in the packed plaza and seemed unsure of where they had to go.

This afternoon, from 6.30pm, the bulls that ran the streets of Pamplona today will be fought in the Monumental bullring by bullfighters Miguel Abellán, Miguel Ángel Perera and Iván Fandiño.

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