The crisis of the Spanish system

The Catalan issue has shattered the essential agreement of our democracy: territorial unity based on decentralization and self-government. It has also created enormous doubts about the quality of our political model


Spanish PM: “Catalonia is Europe’s battle”

In this exclusive EL PAÍS interview, Mariano Rajoy stands firm before the separatist challenge, ahead of a session in the regional parliament that could produce an independence declaration


Threats to the freedom of the press

The elimination of all well-founded criticism is the priority of the new populism, which intends to liquidate our system of values and substitute liberal democracy with an ideology of revenge and hate


Pope Francis: “The danger is that in times of crisis we look for a savior”

On Donald Trump, the Pontiff says: “I don’t like to get ahead of myself. It would be like prophets predicting calamities or windfalls that will not come to pass”

An open letter from the editor-in-chief of EL PAÍS to the newspaper’s staff

Antonio Caño has held a meeting with the workforce to explain the imminent transformation of the newspaper into a media outlet that is, above all, digital


“Neither the PP nor the PSOE should stop the other from governing”

Felipe González lays out his point of view on the current political situation in Spain


Reports on US espionage in Spain are “false,” says NSA

Intelligence chief tells Congress documents were misinterpreted

“In two or three years, we will see a massive explosion in Russia”

The Russian chess player and politician affirms that the Russian presence in Venezuela “is not ideological, it is a matter of mafia”

In China, an awakening civil society and less fear

The blind Chinese activist who in 2012 escaped from house arrest to seek refuge in the United States Embassy in Beijing speaks to EL PAÍS at the Oslo Freedom Forum


Obama arrives in a new Mexico

Trade, security and immigration are among the subjects the president will discuss with Peña Nieto

Obama looks to a new US-Mexico axis

Washington seeks a partner to reinforce its leadership in the 21st century


“Cuba is changing”

The US assistant secretary of state for Western Hemisphere Affairs Roberta S. Jacobson discusses the effect the death of Hugo Chávez will have on Latin America

Deputy PM: Washington and Madrid “coordinated” on euro zone crisis

Sáenz de Santamaría’s US visit not a bailout meeting, says government


Merkel supports Spain’s austerity drive and bank plan, says Rajoy

German leader and Spanish prime minister meet in Chicago Government ruling out external aid for ailing financial sector


Regional summit ends without statement

Cuba's future attendance and Falklands sovereignty divides American leaders