Maduro doesn’t matter

He is simply the useful idiot, the puppet of those who really rule Venezuela


Why Do Dictators like to Appear Democratic?

Democracy contributes the most precious ingredient for tyrants: legitimacy

Climate Change

Exit the United States and enter… who?

Leadership in the fight against global warming is moving from the White House to Europe and China


Is War Between the United States and China Inevitable?

International hegemony of the Western powers, namely the US and Europe, could be coming to an end

US Politics

Five Ideas that Trump Killed

Trump has put an end to the idea that corruption and nepotism at the highest levels of government can only flourish in banana republics

US Politics

How to Dismantle a Superpower

The New World Order will be defined by those who fill the power gaps left by the United States

Crisis in Liberia

Joseph Duo and the scars of child soldiers in Liberia

Many of the more than 40,000 former troops are now living on the margins of society


The zombies of disinformation

The global financial crisis and the information technology revolution have created a perfect storm. Governments must act

Catalan crisis

How the Russian meddling machine won the online battle of the illegal referendum

The Spanish government and public media outlets did not react in time in the face of a network of fake news stories and social media posts


Hundreds of thousands of protestors demand release of pro-independence leaders

Massive demonstration in Barcelona on Saturday night was headed up by family members of jailed politicians and association heads



Ros cartoon, November 13, 2017


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, November 13, 2017


Why doesn’t MotoGP champion Marc Márquez celebrate with the Spanish flag?

The Catalan rider – who has never waved a regional flag in public – has opted to use his fan club standard since 2014


Key Catalan ideologue met with Julian Assange in London

Spanish foreign minister sees evidence of “attempt to affect natural democratic course of events in Catalonia”


Needed: Spanish teachers down under

The embassy in Australia has begun a recruitment drive to fill teaching positions