Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress overshadowed by coronavirus cancellations

Organizers say the global tech event will go ahead later this month, but as more and more firms drop out, a Friday meeting is likely to determine whether it gets postponed or even axed


Cabify returns to Barcelona using loophole against new restrictions

The ride-hailing service will only apply the 15-minute waiting period that was established by Catalan regulations to a customer’s first journey


Barcelona judge refuses to stop “feminazi” bus against Spain’s gender violence laws

The court ruled that while the message may be considered “abhorrent” it is protected by freedom of speech

Daylight saving time

When do the clocks go forward in Spain? And could this be the last change?

Currently all EU countries lose or gain an hour on the same date, but daylight saving rules might be set for a revamp

Catalan secession crisis

Russian “hackers” help keep banned Catalan referendum census site online

Pro-independence forces are using all means necessary to keep electoral roll available on web

Referendum in Catalonia

Referendum census website registered via Pirate Bay co-founder’s company

Hosting service from Peter Sunde, called Njalla, says that is serves as a “privacy shield” that “protects you from ferocious domain predators”


Spanish mobile game developer snapped up for $250 million

US giant Take-Two buys Barcelona-based Social Point, set up in 2008 by two graduates


Why deaths now beat out births in Spain

The center of demographic studies suggests that this trend is here to stay among the country’s population


Barcelona’s mysterious smell returns

City authorities increasingly puzzled over origins of foul stench that has invaded the city

Mystery stench overwhelms Barcelona

Fertilizer being blamed for bad smell that overpowered the city, but no one is completely sure