The scientists trying to find the “cure” for old age

Could we live to 140? 1,000? Is there a limit? Scientific research into extending the human lifespan is being backed by Silicon Valley giants such as Google and Facebook

Referendum in Catalonia

Spanish prosecutors formally accuse Barcelona protesters of sedition

Protest saw Civil Guard cars vandalized; Madrid to send police reinforcements to Catalonia before referendum


Alicia Vikander provides touch of glamor at San Sebastian film festival

But director of Spanish event, which starts Friday, admits he cannot compete with Venice red carpet

Referendum in Catalonia

National Police arrive in Barcelona on ferry decorated with Looney Tunes

As tensions between Madrid and Catalonia reach boiling point, Twitter users find the funny side of the peculiar choice of vessel

Referendum in Catalonia

Civil Guard sings a ‘fandango’ to Catalan protestors outside his room

Officer comes up with novel response to nighttime harassment by pro-independence demonstrators



Ros cartoon, September 22, 2017


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, September 22, 2017


The dialogue that we need on the Catalan independence challenge

Once the rule of law has been restored in the region, a negotiating framework needs to be established

Referendum in Catalonia

Referendum census website registered via Pirate Bay co-founder’s company

Hosting service from Peter Sunde, called Njalla, says that is serves as a “privacy shield” that “protects you from ferocious domain predators”

Referendum in Catalonia

Catalan regional premier announces “contingency plan” for referendum

Carles Puigdemont makes televised statement calling on citizens to continue defending the illegal vote until October 1

Free love

What happens when you enter into an open relationship?

Many fantasize about breaking the norm. These four people did just that, and told us about their experiences (Spoiler: it didn’t all end well)