International Women’s Day

Popular Party chief attacks “left-wing feminists” ahead of Women’s Day

Pablo Casado’s conservative group has said it will not attend the march planned in Madrid for Friday, arguing that it is “partisan” and has been monopolized by leftists


Cabify returns to Barcelona using loophole against new restrictions

The ride-hailing service will only apply the 15-minute waiting period that was established by Catalan regulations to a customer’s first journey


At Catalan separatist trial, a tale of scared officials and unpaid invoices

Judges have heard witness testimony from a court clerk who fled a screaming crowd, and entrepreneurs who ended up out of pocket for work they did ahead of the referendum


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, March 7, 2019


Madrid strives to compete with other European tech hubs

Although the Spanish capital still lags behind Barcelona, experts say it has grown at an “astonishing” rate since the financial crisis and expect the city will become even more competitive in the future


“It was the best year of my life”: Former Erasmus students on what could be lost with Brexit

Verne speaks to Spanish alumni who studied in the UK on the importance of the program, which could be at risk if Britain crashes out of the EU without a deal