Mystery stench overwhelms Barcelona

Fertilizer being blamed for bad smell that overpowered the city, but no one is completely sure


Radical CUP party wants “ensemble cast” to head Catalan executive

After Sunday’s elections, the far-left separatists hold the key to power They have stated that they want “three or four people” with equivalent weight to lead

Art swindlers selling fake Goya get paid in photocopied bills

Brothers from Girona had tried to cheat an Arab sheik into buying the painting

Catalonia moves to regulate cannabis use

Non-residents, under-21s will not be allowed to join clubs, while growing and sale will be controlled


Animal rights groups offer €2,550 rewards for reporting abuse

Activists say the Spanish government is not doing enough to pursue wrongdoers

Catalan cannabis club chiefs held for money laundering

At least four top members of marijuana association federation arrested in police probe

Barcelona taxi drivers strike in protest at Uber transport app

Association claims 100% observance of stoppage, with city’s airport and hospitals without cabs

First cannabis club shut down in Catalonia for drug trafficking

Authorities are keeping a closer eye on member-only associations that claim to be not-for-profit


Barcelona mayor halts squat demolition after fourth night of rioting

Another 23 people arrested as 3,000 join in renewed protests Residents announce plans to rebuild demolished Can Vies center


Barcelona sees third night of violence over eviction of squatter community

Around 1,000 organized protestors light barricades and clash with riot police in Sants district Demonstrations against Monday’s clearing of Can Vies center spread across Catalonia Occupied building was a hub for alternative social movements


The Barcelona cannabis clubs that are now plugging their wares online

The 400 marijuana associations in Catalonia are reporting a boom in drug tourism in the region

Barcelona to impose ban on walking dogs without a leash

New law will also prohibit pet owners from leaving their cats alone for more than three days


Barcelona to curb cannabis clubs

Municipal authorities estimate that the city has 200 such establishments