This week’s movie releases

Angelina Jolie turns nasty in ‘Sleeping Beauty’ remake ‘Maleficent’ Tom Cruise keeps springing back from the dead in Doug Liman’s sci-fi actioner ‘Edge of Tomorrow’

Spanish court makes first conviction of bankers since start of crisis

But ex-heads of bailed-out lender Caixa Penedès may avoid jail by returning retirement checks

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Inequality drags back Colombian growth

As the economy rises 4.7% a year, the gap between rich and poor remains one of world’s largest Inadequate education and a sizeable informal economy are the main factors


Barcelona sees third night of violence over eviction of squatter community

Around 1,000 organized protestors light barricades and clash with riot police in Sants district Demonstrations against Monday’s clearing of Can Vies center spread across Catalonia Occupied building was a hub for alternative social movements


Spain’s forgotten jet-engine genius

If he had not become a victim of the Civil War, Captain Leret would now be in the history books 78 years after his death, a model of his invention has gone on display in a Madrid museum


“Podemos is breathing new life into a decadent democracy”

Carlos Jiménez Villarejo is one of five members of the new movement to win a European seat The 78-year-old says he joined up to combat Spain’s two-party system and Catalan independence “The party is offering a solution to the negative consequences of capitalism,” he believes