Can Vies as a symptom

The evicted Barcelona squatters embody the mix of disaffection, a stolen future and the need for equal relationships that now flows under society’s roots

Spanish authorities dismantle ring that recruited jihadists for Syria and Mali

Six arrested in Melilla in joint Civil Guard-National Police operation Interior Ministry says cell was also seeking to buy weapons and bomb-making instructions

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Corina Machado: “No assassination or coup. Maduro has to resign”

The ousted Venezuelan deputy denies accusations she plotted to have the president killed


Madrid’s best new cocktail bars

A clutch of contemporary drinking spots have found their place alongside the city’s classics

latin america

Brazil’s presidential hopefuls stay quiet on abortion and marijuana laws

Candidates feel sensitive issues could lose votes in conservative nation with strong religious groups


Barcelona mayor halts squat demolition after fourth night of rioting

Another 23 people arrested as 3,000 join in renewed protests Residents announce plans to rebuild demolished Can Vies center


Madrid’s vanishing historic store fronts

Hundreds of the capital’s listed shop exteriors and signs have been illegally removed or altered

Latin America

Venezuela’s Maduro accuses opposition leader of assassination plot

Former representative María Corina Machado denies president’s claims Machado to file formal complaint against the Caracas government