Police nab art forgers who sold Miró, Matisse and Picasso fakes

Three detainees shuttled counterfeit drawings between Andorra and Spain

Support the party? Buy the T-shirt

Not all political groups have been as successful as Podemos in leveraging their brands

Latin America

Rising fuel thefts spark gasoline shortages in Mexico

Pemex officials believe that last year around 27,000 barrels of oil were stolen every day


Colombian armed groups turn to illegal gold mining to raise funds

Authorities carried out operations at 655 mines and arrested more than 1,500 in 2014


Socialist government approved secret plan against jihadism in 2010

Ruling Popular Party’s new anti-terrorist proposals resemble many of document’s ideas


Nearly half of Spain’s debt obligations now held by foreign investors

Fueled by a low euro, the appetite for Spanish treasury notes is getting stronger

Single mom faces six months in jail over late-paid fine

Valencia woman who illegally used lost credit cards says she received bad legal advice