Those who sowed the seeds of doubt after the Madrid bombings have never apologized, not even to the victims

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Venezuelan troops try to crush unrest in nation’s third-largest city

Top US military official warns of "catastrophic" demise of Maduro government


El Greco: a multimedia artist

Toledo is marking the 400th anniversary of the death of the painter with a huge exhibition The collection of 76 works offers a modern-day view of the Crete-born master


10,700 students investigated in training program scandal did not attend courses

At least 13 people have been arrested in alleged conspiracy to defraud €8.9 million


Government’s panel of experts recommends reducing income tax

Report drawn up by so-called “wise men” also advocates increase in VAT and other indirect levies


Lisbeth Salander lives on in Melilla

A whistleblower styling herself on Stieg Larsson’s heroine has become the scourge of politicians Hiding behind a Facebook identity, she leaks documents relating to local government corruption


The pending transition

The profile of the new head of Spain's bishops promises continuity and greater moderation


Vodafone moves closer to €7.2 billion deal with cable company Ono

British operator wants to compete with Telefónica in Spanish market, say sources

Lebanese politician’s son claims they never offered money to organ donors

Family of Hatem Akouche says his arrest is the result of a misunderstanding


Police arrest man who held nine-year-old Catalan girl captive in Bolivian jungle

Grover Morales, who allegedly kidnapped the youngster, wanted to marry her


Literature in 140 characters

A Spanish writer is among the participants in the second edition of the #TwitterFiction festival

Police in Spain and Morocco break up alleged terrorism ring

Suspects reportedly recruited volunteers to fight in Syria, Mali and Libya Sting proves “excellent” level of cooperation against Al Qaeda, say official sources