First German tourists arrive in Spain’s Balearic Islands with no fear of coronavirus: ‘I feel very safe’

A total of 189 passengers arrived in Mallorca on Monday as part of a tourism pilot program aimed at testing coronavirus safety measures ahead of June 21, when Spain will reopen its borders with all European Union and Schengen-area countries


Madrid only Spanish region to record more than 10 coronavirus infections in 24 hours

According to the latest figures, just 48 Covid-19 cases were registered across Spain, while the number of hospital and intensive care admissions also fell to new lows


Spanish airports to increase operations from July 1 in preparation for tourist arrivals

Spain’s Aena authority is set to reopen terminals in Madrid and Barcelona next month, when travel restrictions into the EU are gradually lifted


The Spanish woman who lost her aunt, dad and father-in-law in just 15 days

Gracia Méndez went to the same funeral home three times to mourn for family members who she believes died from the coronavirus, although none of the victims were tested for the disease


With 70% of Spain in Phase 3 of the coronavirus deescalation plan, the regions resist allowing free movement

Fear of new outbreaks is also prompting regional governments to maintain limits on nighttime bars and nightclubs


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, June 15, 2020