Third time lucky? Madrid welcomes Olympic inspectors

Spanish-led IOC delegation says it is unconcerned by white elephant installations


A parallel police force

Illegal spying on politicians, companies and journalists is an attack on democracy

Pardoned ex-addict wants changes to sentencing guidelines

David Reboredo was sentenced to seven years in jail for selling a few packets of heroin


A parallel police force

Illegal spying on politicians, companies and journalists is an attack on democracy

NGO condemns illegal towing of immigrant boat to Morocco

Vessel in Spanish waters when Civil Guard dragged it back, say campaigners


“Mexico has not had a growth strategy in 30 years”

Three-time presidential candidate Cárdenas says Constitution needs no change to attract oil investments


Court orders Bankia to return subordinated debt holder's money

Judge rules the bank’s customer was not properly informed about the risks entailed

Mexico stunned by new president’s flying start

PRI’s Peña Nieto takes firm grip on country’s reins with cross-party pact and education makeover. Real challenges will come with energy and tax reforms

Lima’s first woman mayor survives recall vote

Polls suggest Susana Villarán will stay in office after challenge from predecessor she accuses of corruption


Santander to sell stake of up to 5.2 percent in its Polish unit

Deal could bring in 315 million euros for leading Spanish bank


Paul Klee - theory and practice

Exhibition at Juan March Foundation explores painter's time as a Bauhaus teacher

Politics and the media

Catalonia gave subsidies to media while making painful cuts

Mas’s nationalist administration boosts largesse to publishing groups which supposedly promote use of Catalan language


Need surgery? Come to Spain

The private health sector and the tourist industry are teaming up to attract foreign visitors Ideal clients are looking to combine a Spanish vacation with treatment

Political espionage

Detectives spied on dozens of politicians and businessmen

Socialist leaders Montilla and Bono on list of those watched by controversial Método 3 agency

European crisis

Cyprus bailout plan hurts Spanish financial markets

Risk premium widens and stocks fall on fears sparked by tax on bank deposits

the pp's hidden finances

Detectives hired to tail “walking time bomb” Bárcenas in 2011

Barcelona detective agency brought in as PP officials realized that former treasurer was a threat


Resurgent Rafa

Nadal caps his return from injury with a hard-court title