A health worker holds two bottles of ivermectin in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.

Ivermectin’s bumpy ride through America

Doctors in many countries on the continent have spent the pandemic writing prescriptions for the antiparasitic drug to fight Covid-19, despite widespread doubts in the scientific community over its use

The nostalgia economy

The nostalgia economy

Catalina Oquendo / Isabella Cota / Mar Centenera / Jacqueline Fowks / Florantonia Singer / Heloísa Mendonça|Bogotá / México / Buenos Aires / Lima / Caracas / São Paulo|

What began with treats lugged back and forth in suitcases from trips home has evolved into an industry driven by the taste of the soft drinks, candy, pastries and cheesy bites of childhood. Latino expatriates will do anything to get their fix. We delve into a transnational food industry driven by homesickness


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