‘The Prince’: the God-sent egomaniac who lured a Spanish teen to Peru

Félix Steven Manrique was arrested last week for holding Patricia Aguilar and other women in the Amazon rainforest

Latin America

Found: Missing Spanish teen held by a sect in the Amazon rainforest

Peruvian police have detained the head of a cult accused of holding three women hostage


Death in the Amazon rainforest: a shaman is shot, and a Canadian gets lynched

Video emerges in Peru of locals killing Sebastian Woodroffe, suspected of murdering indigenous leader Olivia Arévalo


Peru says Venezuelan leader is “not welcome” at upcoming regional summit

Host country to Summit of the Americas withdraws Nicolás Maduro invitation over April 22 election


Facebook vice-president: “Brazil and Mexico are two of our main countries”

Regional company head Diego Dzodan unveils social media giant’s plans for greater global connectivity


Former Peru spy boss sentenced to 22 years for 1993 murders

Vladimiro Montesinos found guilty of crime in which victims’ bodies were burned in oven


Peru election authorities name Kuczynski the winner

PPK secured 50.12% of the vote compared with 49.88% for Fujimori, who refuses to admit defeat


PPK prepares to preside over a divided Peru

But the near-certain winner of the election will not have to enact major economic reforms like Brazil or Argentina


Peru’s Keiko Fujimori clings to hope of winning tight run-off

Daughter of imprisoned former president believes that rural votes will give her lead over Pedro Pablo Kuczynski


Election results in Peru point to narrow win for Pedro Pablo Kuczynski

Keiko Fujimori refusing to admit defeat, insisting vote from rural areas will give her victory


Fujimori leads first round of voting in Peru but will likely face run off

Daughter of jailed former president has split electorate, and will be up against former minister

Latin America

Vultures help track garbage in Lima

Scientists equip black vultures with GPS and cameras to warn about trash problem


Peru opens registry on ex-president Fujimori’s forced sterilization drive

Surgeries were used to control the rural population and avoid new generations of guerrillas

Latin America

Judge curbs money-laundering inquiry into Peru’s first lady

Prosecutors told not to probe finances of President Humala’s wife between 2005 and 2009

Latin America

Mining conflict and captured fugitive scandal take toll on Peruvian leader

Humala's approval ratings plummet as citizens criticize his handling of controversies


Calls for Peru to abandon regional rights court grow louder

Costa Rica-based IACHR awards ex-terrorist and her family $105,000 in compensation

Latin America

Peruvian ex-leader given additional sentence for diverting funds to tabloids

Fujimori is already serving a maximum 25-year term for crimes against humanity

Economic differences bog down climate change negotiations in Lima

Developed nations have donated just 10% of the target amount for the Green Climate Fund


96% of Peru land set for exploitation inhabited by local communities

Report warns of conflict risk between residents and mining, oil and logging firms


Amazon killings show scale of illegal logging in Peru

Interpol says the country loses $250 million a year through unauthorized felling


Chile and Peru strengthen ties as both nations await ruling on maritime dispute

International Court of Justice to decide on Pacific boundary markers next week

Cocaine routes multiply across Peru

The number of drug-smuggling Bolivian aircrafts found in Amazon en route to Brazil goes up


Economic growth in Latin America has not reduced informal jobs

Nearly half of working population has no security or social protection


Peru’s 10-year healing process still incomplete

A decade on from the country’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Ayacucho shows uneven progress


Learning Quechua in Peru to better serve citizens across the country

Police are becoming well-versed in the second official language thanks to a new manual

Forced sterilizations still going unpunished in Peru

The UN criticizes lack of compensation for Fujimori-era victims

Lima’s first woman mayor survives recall vote

Polls suggest Susana Villarán will stay in office after challenge from predecessor she accuses of corruption