The enduring pain of ETA’s victims: struck by terrorism, ignored by society

While the Basque terrorist group may officially be disbanding, those affected by its campaign of violence say there is still a lot left to do before wounds can really heal

Witness protection

“I am a protected witness and I’m very scared: they’ve destroyed my life”

A man cooperating with authorities in a Mallorca corruption case reports reiterated death threats and beatings


La Manada ruling sparks fierce debate over definition of sexual violence

A court’s decision to clear five men of rape in the high-profile “Running of the Bulls” case has raised questions about what constitutes intimidation

International Women’s Day March

Why Women’s Day was such a runaway success in Spain

On March 8 there was a general strike and an unprecedented demonstration that trumped those in all other countries. Experts explain why things were different this year


Human Rights court rules against Spain in ETA prisoner abuse case

The ECHR in Strasbourg orders compensation paid to men who blew up Madrid airport parking lot, killing two, but falls short of defining incident as “torture”


Will Dutchman wrongly jailed in Spain for three rapes find justice?

After 12 years in prison for crimes he didn’t commit, Van der Dussen seeks €6 million


The wronged man: The case of Romano van der Dussen

EL PAÍS talks to the Dutchman who spent 12 years in jail for rape until DNA proof showed his innocence


Supreme Court finds Dutchman innocent of rape after spending 12 years in prison

Despite DNA evidence presented in 2007 linking another suspect, judicial bureaucracy held up his case

“I’ve been through an indescribable hell — the worst 4,000 days of my life”

A Dutchman who has spent 11 years in jail for rape hopes he will soon be released The UK has confirmed that DNA found at the scene belongs to a convicted British murderer


My life with hepatitis C

María José Gandasegui is hopeful a new generation of drugs will cure her of the virus

“An innocent man in jail should be a priority, but nobody cares”

Despite DNA evidence, a Dutch national has been in Spanish prison since 2003 for sex attacks


How the Atocha bombs ruined Brahim’s life

The young Moroccan was detained by police after the 2004 terrorist attack, but had committed no crime Years later, he is still yet to receive proper compensation


Child sex abuser jailed ahead of Moroccan extradition request

Bilateral treaty does not allow for Spain to send citizens to Morocco Courts studying how to prevent impunity after royal pardon was revoked

“Every day we have 4,600 trains running that are completely safe”

Renfe chief Julio Gómez-Pomar answers questions about the fatal accident in Galicia


“I hope there are no deaths - they would weigh heavily on my conscience”

Train driver caught in wreckage of crash tells colleagues he was travelling twice the permitted speed

Supreme Court ruling allows former government minister to escape jail

Jaume Matas given nine-and-a-half months for influence peddling Top judges overturn guilty verdicts on several offenses

Domestic Terrorism

Repentant ETA activist apologizes to officers injured in 1995 attack

"I am sorry for the harm I caused," writes convicted bomber Valentín Lasarte

Financial Crimes

Luis Bárcenas becomes latest high-profile inmate at Soto del Real

Ex-PP treasurer will be sharing a 10-by-10-meter cell and will have to perform chores


Former Socialist minister one step away from graft trial

Supreme Court requests congressional permission to put José Blanco on stand for influence-peddling

toward the end of eta

"I'm sure my husband would have tried to talk to his own killers"

Maixabel Lasa decided to meet one of the ETA assassins who made her a widow

Panama takes Spain to Human Rights Court over lethal cough syrup

At least 170 died after ingesting drug containing solvent supplied by Catalan firm


Top judges to seek accord on defunct mortgage law

EU court shot down Spain's "unfair" existing legislation

Gürtel case

Supreme Court upholds former Valencia premier’s not-guilty graft verdict

A jury had absolved Camps and Costa of accepting items of clothing from Gürtel corruption ring in exchange for public contracts


“Disturbingly unstable” judge faces criminal charges for misconduct

Coro Cillán best known for having reopened probe into 2004 Madrid bombings

High Court rules that Judge Ruz will take charge of Bárcenas ledgers investigation

Decision settles dispute between magistrates over jurisdiction of cases

A farewell to the Parot doctrine, devised to keep ETA terrorists in jail?

Judicial sleight of hand used to ensure 30-year terms are served in full

NGO condemns illegal towing of immigrant boat to Morocco

Vessel in Spanish waters when Civil Guard dragged it back, say campaigners