Carnival scandal

Puppeteers accused of glorifying terrorism turn in their passports

Rights groups say defendants’ freedom of expression guarantees are being violated

Latin America

Prison uprising in northern Mexico leaves 49 dead

Twelve others injured, five of them seriously, according to Nuevo León state governor

Latin America

More rumors than rage after Veracruz journalist’s murder

Anabel Flores’ bound and gagged body was found on the side of a highway on Tuesday


Irish drug gangs fighting turf war from Dublin to the Costa del Sol

Ireland hotel shooting shows extent of feud between groups with strong Spanish links


Ex-Balearics chief: “Urdangarin was the go-between, the facilitator”

Matas’s testimony at royal trial backs suspicions about Infanta Cristina’s husband


Supreme Court finds Dutchman innocent of rape after spending 12 years in prison

Despite DNA evidence presented in 2007 linking another suspect, judicial bureaucracy held up his case


Spanish parties to conservative PP: stop your campaign of fear

Acting government issuing warnings about risks to the nation if a leftist alliance takes over


Why two Basque surnames are essential to get ahead in politics

Research shows that a double-barreled second name helps with a career in nationalist circles


France and Italy make inroads in Latin America while Spain sits on the sidelines

Hollande and Renzi will be first European leaders to pay official visits to Buenos Aires

Carnival scandal

Puppeteers arrested for praising terrorism released from jail

Prosecutor convinces judge defendants are not a flight risk and won’t repeat performance