Latin America

Castro thanks pope for helping US and Cuba patch up relations

Cuban leader says he'll return to Catholic Church if pontiff “continues like this”


Airbus division boss to take control of A400M tests to restore confidence

Company faces international credibility crisis following air crash in Seville Government promises full-scale investigations to determine causes

“I’ve been through an indescribable hell — the worst 4,000 days of my life”

A Dutchman who has spent 11 years in jail for rape hopes he will soon be released The UK has confirmed that DNA found at the scene belongs to a convicted British murderer

Latin America

The indelible mark of Guantánamo

Barack Obama’s legacy could be tarnished if penitentiary is kept open after he leaves office

Searching for the truth behind a Civil War atrocity

A pregnant woman and her six children were allegedly murdered at the outset of the conflict A new book reopens the case, in which the victims were supposedly thrown into a cave


Magaluf: the eternal hangover

Scandals only seem to increase the allure of the Mallorcan vacation resort New laws aimed at tackling drunken behavior look set to change nothing


Five countries using A400M aircraft suspend flights after Seville crash

Four people were killed in Saturday’s air accident, while two crew members were injured Spanish defense minister urges against doubting “the credibility of Airbus”