One in four female workers at World Bank has felt sexually harassed, poll shows

Internal survey seen by EL PAÍS reflects that few women are reporting cases; international lender admits that more needs to be done


Ambassador, Catalan premier’s speeches canceled at US event after tensions rise

A disagreement over the existence or otherwise of “political prisoners” in Spain ahead of the Smithsonian Folklife Festival saw a walkout at a Wednesday speech and jeers and chants


Catalan premier walks out of event in Washington to protest “intolerable” Spanish ambassador

Tension over the crisis in Catalonia has spilled over to the United States as Quim Torra continues his hard-line push for independence


Catalan premier in Washington: Catalonia “will soon be a free nation”

Quim Torra has lashed out at the Spanish government in speeches made on his first official visit to the United States


Orphans by White House decree

Casa Padre, the largest US shelter for undocumented underage migrants, holds hundreds of kids separated from their parents by the new brutal “zero tolerance” policy


Half a century after Palomares nuclear accident, a glimpse of justice

Veteran who helped remove radioactive soil heads effort to file class action suit against US government

Crisis in Catalonia

US “very concerned” about claims of Russian meddling in Catalonia

But Moscow says allegations are groundless and detrimental to Spain-Russia bilateral relations

Catalan Independence

The pro-independence activists of academia

A group of Catalan professors in the United States has spent years vigorously defending the idea of an independent Catalonia

Solar eclipse

Total eclipse spells day of darkness for US

Americans whipped into frenzy over first such event to cross country from coast to coast in 99 years

solar eclipse in western hemisphere

United States gripped by eclipse fever

First total eclipse of the sun in 99 years will be watched by millions from coast to coast


US health care: when your life is on the line

Millions of Americans could lose their health coverage if Republicans manage to repeal Obamacare. To many, this literally means the difference between life and death. Here are some of their stories


Trump proposes drastic aid cuts to Mexico and Central America

Drug-related violence and poverty drive illegal immigration, but spending on these areas to fall by 45%


US imposes sanctions against eight top officials at Venezuela’s Supreme Court

Treasury freezes assets of chief magistrate and seven judges for “usurping” powers from legislature


White supremacists hold torch rally in defense of Confederate symbols

Richard Spencer, father of “alt-right,” heads protest against removal of General Lee statue in Virginia

international investment

“Argentina and Brazil need to continue with their reforms”

Philippe Le Houerou, head of the World Bank’s private lending arm, sees opportunity in Latin America


Argentina’s Macri meets Trump to discuss closer partnership

At White House, US president suggests there could be a solution to the ban on lemon imports

Mexico-US relations

Mexican holed up in US church one of ‘Time’s 100 most influential people

Jeanette Vizguerra has spent two months in a Denver religious center over deportation fears


Why did Venezuela give half a million dollars to Donald Trump?

US president received $106.7 million in inauguration donations, twice amount given to Obama


Arrests of undocumented migrants with no criminal record double in US

Overall number of detentions grows by 32.6% in first two months of Trump administration

Catalan independence bid

US snubs Catalan independence drive in latest setback for separatists

Foundation run by former president Jimmy Carter says it will not become involved in issue


Mexican firm bidding to help build Trump’s wall: “It’s not a betrayal”

Puebla-based businessman says his country needs an outsider to combat corruption in politics


Trump’s team looks into viability of his wall with Mexico

Border officials suggest a fence is better option, and only along some stretches


Trump inauguration clouded by lawsuit with Spanish chef José Andrés

Judge says busy schedule no excuse as president-elect forced to testify in contract case


Mexican official’s resignation proves visit was successful, says Trump

“The people who arranged the trip have been forced out. That’s how well we did,” says candidate


Latin America’s new right-leaning leaders make United Nations debut

Presidents of Argentina, Brazil and Peru share optimistic vision of countries at General Assembly


United States government decides to end use of private prisons

The measure will affect one third of inmates living in privately run facilities in the country


Obama administration approves its largest Guantanamo detainee transfer

President still likely to find it difficult to close the prison despite departure of 15 inmates