Catalan Independence

The pro-independence activists of academia

A group of Catalan professors in the United States has spent years vigorously defending the idea of an independent Catalonia

Crisis in Catalonia

Who are the traitors in Catalonia?

Pro-independence economist Xavier Sala i Martín says banks’ decision to leave region is political intimidation


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, October 12, 2017



Ros cartoon, October 12, 2017


Crisis and opportunity

The combination of Article 155 and constitutional reform opens up a new space for dialogue


The Spanish smart building that will fight the effects of climate change

A restoration project in Cadiz will be the first of its kind in Europe adapted to warm climates

Catalan crisis

Socialists back PM over Catalan home rule, win support for constitutional reform

If Article 155 is finally invoked, it will end in new regional elections, Rajoy and Sánchez agree