Spain’s guaranteed minimum income scheme will come with €5.5bn price tag

The coalition government is finalizing its plans for the system, which will be introduced in May and will benefit households in poverty


Brexit and the Catalan ‘process’

Neither one is inevitable, as illustrated by the cases of Italy’s Padania and the Basque Country

Catalan Independence

An X-ray of Puigdemont’s speech in Brussels

EL PAÍS analyzes the contradictions in the former premier’s appearance on Tuesday

Crisis in Catalonia

Who are the traitors in Catalonia?

Pro-independence economist Xavier Sala i Martín says banks’ decision to leave region is political intimidation

Catalan bid for independence

EL PAÍS analyzes 10 claims commonly made by separatists to support their cause


It’s not independence, it’s a violation of the law

The bill regulating the Catalan independence referendum is illegal from beginning to end


Comparing Catalan independence to Kosovo makes no sense

Draft secession law in Spanish region makes unfounded comparison with former Yugoslav province


Like the British, Europe must keep calm and carry on

The UK’s decision was not the most rational, logic, or opportune, but perhaps the most likely


Why Cañete won’t be able to hide in Brussels

Gender equality in wages and other matters has always been in the European community’s DNA


Who averted the collapse?

It was Mario, and not Mariano, who saved Spain from a bailout


Colonized by colonies

Pemex is the winner in the Repsol deal as Latin American firms continue to bring new and welcome investment to Spain


Aznar vs Madrid

It all began with the megalomaniac T-4 airport terminal at Barajas in Madrid, planned in 1996 as soon as the new prime minister got his hands on the purse strings of power


The cost-free bailout

The government’s legitimacy in propping up banks depended on its financial neutrality


Banking disunion

Union would prevent collapses caused by failings of major financial insitutions


To pay, or not to pay

Discussion on income tax is a welcome variation on the monotonous theme of public spending


Stop, or avoid evictions?

Never in history was there a real estate bubble without the complicity of a banking system to finance it


Spanish eyes

Madrid’s perception of a lack of influence in Europe is right; and there are good reasons for this



The drainage of powers from the nation-state has been so complete as to denature it entirely