PP´s hidden finances

PP denies illegal financing despite progress in High Court probe

Socialists demand explanation of ruling party’s “lies” over Bárcenas papers

This week’s movie releases

The ever-more prolific Terrence Malick returns with Ben Affleck in To the Wonder Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman enter Oblivion

Bardems unite for ‘Alacrán enamorado’

Santiago A. Zannou takes his cast to the limit for a tale of rage, racism and romance

“The melodrama is out there on the streets”

Life imitates art for screenwriter in Venezuela, as threats pour in


Barça and Real in last four

Spanish clubs will vie with Dortmund and Bayern for the Champions League

Escrache protests

Doorstep protestors may face fines of up to 6,000 euros in Madrid

Former Popular Party lawmaker threatens to beat up “hippie” demonstrators

Spanish banks repossessed 30,000 family homes in 2012

Study by College of Registrars shows dation in payment more common practice than believed

Uruguay’s love law

Nation becomes second in Latin America to approve same-sex marriage

changing trends

Market stalled in Alicante

Local traders are desperate for a more gourmet edge to bring back customers

Scales of injustice: six out of 10 gold traders' balances prove faulty

Some merchants in Madrid are reported to have shown "violent attitude" toward inspectors


Stop, or avoid evictions?

Never in history was there a real estate bubble without the complicity of a banking system to finance it

performing arts

Flamenco in flight

Spain's deep economic crisis is forcing artists to perform increasingly abroad


PP’s official accounts point to illegal donations recorded by ex-treasurer

Sums party's books coincide with those in Bárcenas' secret ledgers Organization received sums from companies in excess of legal limits