Excesses followed by lies

The death of a businessman in custody has cast a shadow on the procedures of the Catalan police


“Bankia has helped to improve Spain’s image”

Banking group earned 648 million euros up to September


“Climate of trust” could be broken if US spying allegations are true, warns minister

Review will determine what intelligence should be collected, says United States


No relief from terror in Mexico’s Michoacán state

Drug traffickers and vigilantes continue to up the ante in cities


Week of rail strikes begins across Spain

Minimum services will be guaranteed on all networks, with a 24-hour stoppage on Thursday


Brussels calls on telecoms regulator to change Telefónica price proposal

Commission also demands more measures regarding operator’s wholesale broadband


“Kirchnerites” lose in half of Argentina’s provincial legislatures but remain major governing force

Victory for dissident Peronist Massa opens way for a possible tilt at presidency


Eurogroup president calls on Spain to work more and adopt new labor reforms

Dijsselbloem believes unemployment problem warrants retirement age increase


“I knew that I would beat leukemia and sing again”

Opera star Josep Carreras was at the height of a magnificent career when he was diagnosed with the illness in 1987 Now he divides his life between music and fighting to find a cure

city life

Empty promises abound in the capital, but who wants them?

There are 573 vacant lots in Madrid, along with a further 421 buildings that are empty or underused These properties have a potential value of 12 billion euros

city life

Madrid's lost arcades

These old commercial cloisters were once the life and soul of the Spanish capital Now that they are in decline, a new movement is afoot to revitalize the shopping galleries


PP officials harass regional leader over unpaid bills

Andalusian premier Susana Díaz approached in Málaga at official ceremony

Six dead after country’s worst coal-mining disaster for 18 years

Emergency services evacuate further five workers to hospital, all in a serious condition, after methane gas leak at León facility


Castellón “cacique” used “textbook money-laundering method”

Tax expert tells court how Popular Party baron Carlos Fabra paid off series of unnecessary bank loans with dirty cash

effects of the crisis

Why the party is over for politicians seeking inauguration photo-ops

The construction crisis means a need to seek other ways of appearing in the press


Aznar vs Madrid

It all began with the megalomaniac T-4 airport terminal at Barajas in Madrid, planned in 1996 as soon as the new prime minister got his hands on the purse strings of power


Youzhny beats Ferrer to lift Valencia Open 500 trophy

Local favorite defeated for the sixth straight time in a final


PM Rajoy on the frontline of power struggle in Brussels

Spain, France and Italy to lead coalition in an attempt to prevent European Commission from obtaining more power