“Your real parents abandoned you”

The majority of children adopted from overseas suffer racism Most find they have to come to terms with who they are and where they come from alone

citizen safety

Private guards to protect the public

The government plans to give security personnel some of the same functions as the police But the idea is causing concern among workers in the sector


Government pardons drop by more than half after “kamikaze” controversy

Motorists, gender violence offenders and tax fraudsters reap zero tolerance stance following decision to release driver sentenced to 13 years for road death

Six dead after country’s worst coal-mining disaster for 18 years

Emergency services evacuate further five workers to hospital, all in a serious condition, after methane gas leak at León facility

terrorism and the law

ETA bomber Inés del Río released from A Coruña jail

Popular Party government moves to avoid backlash from victims over Strasbourg ruling


Spain’s gulag prisoners brought to light on PM’s Kazakhstan visit

Many of estimated 750 Spanish prisoners in Soviet camps were held in Central Asian country’s “Valley of Hell”


Demonstrators brave heavy rain to demand an end to the monarchy

Police prevent around 1,500 protestors from setting up camp at Oriente Palace


"This is hand-to-hand combat"

Immigrants and security forces clash almost every day along the Melilla border 1,700 sub-Saharans have got past the guards to enter Spain this year


Great drain robbery: police bust gang who used sewer system to rob banks

Father-and-son team would break in through tunnels and then lie in wait


Villagers’ fear as forest fires cross from Portugal to Spain

Strong winds sent flaming leaves and brush across the Duero river Elderly residents and children had to be evacuated by firefighters


Valladolid appoints Spain’s first Down Syndrome councillor

Ángela Bachiller joins city council in first for disabled people in Spain Only the UK is also known to have voted in a politician with Down Syndrome


Madrid students protest plan to exclude 3,500 for not paying fees

Undergraduates affected by crisis must pay by September or leave courses

Rise of the crop rustlers

Farmland robberies have spiked since the crisis struck and desperate growers are demanding action Tools, machinery, fuel, copper and foodstuffs are all being taken


Selling off grandma’s jewelry at a loss

Hard-up Spaniards are increasingly turning to cash-for-gold stores for quick money


Companies join unified healthy-worker program

Firms complying with World Health Organization norms receive a certificate