Mortier fired from Madrid opera after row over replacement

Belgian currently undergoing cancer treatment said he would walk away if government imposed a Spanish director


Why do Catalans celebrate on September 11?

1714 siege of Barcelona was the final scene of the bloody War of Spanish Succession


Confused judicial procedure

The ERE case judge issues a controversial writ, implicating two former Andalusian premiers


Ibex 35 at maximum for the year as risk premium eases

Stock market underpinned by expectations that Spain’s recession has finally run its course


CAM ignored Bank of Spain warnings on real estate

Savings bank increased its expose to property sector rather than reduce it as advised


Hundreds of thousands form human chain for Catalan independence

“La Via Catalana” crosses region from north to south as part of Diada national day celebrations Premier Mas commits to negotiating with Rajoy “until the end” over sovereignty vote

latin america

Chile observes 40th anniversary of coup divided along political lines

The bloody overthrow of Allende in 1973 drives a wedge through the center-right


US busts Bolivia’s top police chief for trying to extort businessman

Former airline owner tells FBI that official was trying to shake him down


Petrobras was also a target of NSA spying

Obama promises Rousseff explanation as Brazil leader considers visit snub

formula 1

Ferrari signs up Kimi Raikkonen for 2014

Finnish driver returns to team where he won 2007 championship, to race alongside Alonso


Maduro pays tribute to Chávez’s decision to exit rights convention

The late President Chávez had accused the regional panel of meddling in domestic affairs

road safety

Have road crash victims become just another statistic?

As the death toll on Spain's highways comes down, families of those killed feel neglected


Mid-Life Crisis: Chilean Democracy 40 years after the Coup

Gareth Bale: the mummy’s boy

Real Madrid's €100m signing always checks with his mom before making a big decision


How the Atocha bombs ruined Brahim’s life

The young Moroccan was detained by police after the 2004 terrorist attack, but had committed no crime Years later, he is still yet to receive proper compensation

Eurovegas casino project still masked by smokescreen

Sheldon Adelson's plan still facing major obstacle in shape of anti-tobacco legislation


Come to the Plaza Mayor - but not for a relaxing 'café con leche'...

Mayor Ana Botella's infamous phrase to the Olympic committee rings hollow for locals


G20 / Olympic bubble

The result seems premonitory of a global trend: the central countries are in their best economic position in years, growth is slowing in emerging countries, and the south of Europe remains prostrate

Catalans are "taught to despise Spanish culture," claimed chief justice in 2005

Francisco Pérez de los Cobos made the remarks at a ceremony marking Constitution Day Regional government spokesman demands retraction of comments


Bárcenas' computer altered while he was in jail, says expert

Secretaries who worked with ex-treasurer admit to destroying his diaries


Majority of Catalans favor independence, says poll ahead of Diada national day

Human chain show of strength beset by political differences among nationalist parties as referendum hangs in balance