Bárcenas' computer altered while he was in jail, says expert

Secretaries who worked with ex-treasurer admit to destroying his diaries

An expert witness told the High Court on Tuesday that someone in the governing Popular Party (PP) reformatted a computer belonging to former treasurer Luis Bárcenas, six days after he was taken into preventive custody in June.

The expert, a member of the forensic police squad, said that when he collected two computers last month one had been formatted and the other had had its hard drive destroyed.

The ongoing investigation into Luis Bárcenas is focusing on an alleged slush fund he ran for the PP, from which party members - including Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy - were supposedly paid.

Also on Tuesday, two secretaries who worked with Bárcenas and his predecessor, Álvaro Lapuerta, testified that they destroyed the men's diaries - which listed all their contacts and meetings - after they left their positions.

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