Shutters come down on Barcelona’s bars as coronavirus restrictions bite

EL PAÍS speaks to workers in the hostelry sector on the day that the regional government’s closures across Catalonia were backed by the courts


The new invasive mosquito species spreading ‘like an oil stain’ in Spain

Scientists warn the ‘Aedes japonicus’ has great potential to expand because it can adapt to cold weather and breed “in a wide range of aquatic habitats”


How Spain’s coronavirus lockdown could be endangering wildlife

Researchers warn that the reduced presence of people and cars may encourage animals to venture into areas that will be unsafe for them once the confinement measures end


Catalan premier tells BBC that Madrid is blocking coronavirus lockdown in his region

Criticized by government officials for “misrepresenting the truth,” Quim Torra later said his words had been poorly translated


As protests continue in Catalonia, the public’s patience starts to wane

For more than a month, pro-independence demonstrators have been cutting off roads and vandalizing public spaces, actions that are affecting the everyday lives of citizens


Catalan towns rename public spaces after 2017 independence referendum

Streets and squares in more than 120 municipalities have paid tribute to a vote that was declared unconstitutional by the courts


Squid and sanitary wipes: a regular fishing day in the Mediterranean

Fishermen in the Barcelona region have to deal with particularly high levels of sea pollution, including plastics and trash from the 1970s


Manuel Valls: “With Vox you end up getting your hands dirty, and to some extent, your soul”

After breaking with Ciudadanos, the former French prime minister speaks to EL PAÍS about why he believes the center-right party has betrayed its liberal and progressive values


Catalan official’s tweet quoting Anne Frank is met with sharp rebuke

An Israeli diplomat and a former French prime minister are among those who have criticized the comparison between the Holocaust and the situation in Catalonia


Tensions rise in Catalonia over yellow ribbon symbols

Number of incidents between supporters and detractors of independence increases, with one woman in Barcelona left with a broken nose after an alleged assault


One year on, victims of Barcelona terror attack still in trauma: “Why did we lose what we love the most?”

Survivors and families of those killed in the tragedy continue to undergo therapy in an effort to rebuild their lives


The ‘wild’ Osho cult seen through Spanish eyes

Disciples of the controversial Indian guru Osho defend his memory after the hit Netflix series ‘Wild Wild Country’ explores the dark side of the movement


Barcelona’s bachelor party hangover

The Catalan capital is a hot-spot for the raucous parties of brides- and grooms-to-be but the city says it is not the kind of tourism it wants to attract


Catalan deadlock affecting not just politics, government workers warn

Spending projects on hold as politicians fail to produce new leadership before fresh election must be held


Prominent media producer under probe for role in Catalan independence bid

Despite controlling lucrative soccer rights in Spain, Jaume Roures is a committed Trotskyite

catalan crisis

Carles Puigdemont’s life in his Belgian refuge

Ousted Catalan premier and former ministers, who fled to Brussels, are being protected by local authorities and a small group of aides


The false excuses of the Catalan pro-independence movement

Separatist leaders had long been promising a resounding response to the Spanish government, something that they now deny

Spanish artists

Body of Spanish painter Salvador Dalí exhumed over paternity suit row

Hair, nails and bone samples taken during controversial exhumation carried out on Thursday night


Catalonia’s independence-free zone

The Val de Arán is only area of the region where supporters of secession are in a clear minority


Spanish ski resort forced to transport snow by helicopter and truck

Dry winter sees desperate measures adopted at Baqueira-Beret in the Pyrenees


Independence bid for Catalonia: the mood on the street

Barcelona residents express fear, hope and misgivings about the separatist bid


Dutch national, Briton were targets of Tuesday’s shooting in Barcelona

Regional police force have launched a manhunt for the perpetrator They believe the incident may have been a settling of scores

Were Columbus, Cervantes and Leonardo da Vinci really Catalan?

Regional research group posits that historical figures were passed off as Spanish or Italian