Spanish steeplechaser stumbles into doping investigation

Police probe emails between Ángel Mullera and anonymous specialist

Case finally closed on 1995 terrorist kidnap victim Publio Cordón

Three former GRAPO members detained after 17-year kidnapping investigation ends


A motion to set things right again

The governor takes on the commendable task of restoring the prestige of the Bank of Spain


Nadal pulls out of Games with knee injury

Beijing gold medalist was also to have carried Spain’s flag at London 2012 opening ceremony


Spanish risk premium leaps after record interest paid at bond auction

Investors increasingly wary despite revelation that Madrid can use part of bank rescue fund to buy up debt in the secondary market


Spain's defense chief calls Chávez "a great friend"

Minister Morenés justifies sale of arms to Venezuela, even though country “is no friend of the United States”

HSBC shipped billions in cash to US on behalf of Mexico's drug cartels

Anti-money laundering controls need to be tightened, says Mexican regulator

Officers held for murdering father of Chile's former leader

Circumstances behind the murder of General Bachelet finally cleared up after 38 years

Fight between Uribe and Santos splits Colombia's conservatives

Former president goes beyond regular Twitter attacks to create alternative electoral platform

"I don't fear being called before the Hague court; I acted within the law"

Mexican president Felipe Calderón defends his record in office, blaming the spiraling violence in the country on a cartel turf war


Garden of delights

Spain’s ‘modern ruins’ will serve as reminder of human folly on a gigantic scale for decades to come


Cops versus cops on the cocaine trail

National Police enters Catalan Mossos' HQ in search of recorded conversations


Keeping 'chufa' rooted on the sidewalks of Madrid

Three shops in the city are still making traditional 'horchata'


Making drama out of a crisis - and a dilapidated Madrid apartment

La Casa de la Portera has reinvigorated the capital's theater scene in three months


Penal Code reform to deprive offenders of freedom after term ends

Tougher sentences being drawn up by justice minister for major crimes such as terrorism and sex offenses