IMF urges Spanish banks to boost capital in order to be able to lend more

Agency recommends cap on dividend payouts should remain in place


Maduro calls out National Guard to quell Táchira state violence

Venezuelan prosecutors seek 10-year sentence for opposition leader López


Princess Cristina: 182 “I don’t knows” and 55 “I don’t recalls”

EL PAÍS obtains official court transcript of royal daughter’s historic February 8 court appearance


Navarre in a pickle

The Socialists cannot succeed in ousting the premier without the support of a radical Basque party

North American leaders agree to work toward easing visa restrictions for transport

Gripes over spying, oil pipeline and migration were aired between three NAFTA states


Letting polluters off the hook

Potentially contaminating businesses had to take out insurance to cover cleanup costs But a new reform will let 98 percent of firms opt out


Ten Alicante patients contract hepatitis through medical negligence

Same saline solution bag was used for several intravenous transfusions


The deep state

This is a term that, although originally applied to the case of Turkey, has been catching on in general use to denote the internal workings of a country


Facebook acquires WhatsApp for 19 billion dollars

Move confirms strategic move to buy up services with younger users

Zapatero’s economic advisor dead at 59

David Taguas moved from government to a construction sector lobby during the Socialist administration

Former PP Madrid number two to step down from Senate after Swiss bank disclosure

Having a secret account is a crime for a politician, says ex-regional premier Esperanza Aguirre


Panama Canal work to restart on Thursday following preliminary agreement

Sacyr-led consortium and local authority still have to come up with solution to financial conflict