Judge orders ex-PP treasurer Bárcenas to be sent to prison without bail

State attorneys had advised judge that Bárcenas is a flight risk Conservatives' former money-man alleged to be transfering cash between offshore accounts Party officials refuse to comment on ruling


The myths behind airport transit areas: are they really a no man’s land?

Legal experts agree that a country has sovereignty over these zones


Jazz season hits the north

July is jam-packed with events in the Basque Country


Lorenzo breaks collarbone in massive crash on Assen circuit

Yamaha rider will have to sit out this weekend's race in Holland

“The US militarization of the border is a threat to Mexico”

Four Mexican intellectuals reject the immigration measures being discussed in Washington and criticize the Peña Nieto government for being “spineless”


How one became three — filming an incredible family reunion

‘Seleme seleme’ narrates couple’s African adoption adventure


When Franco went to Hollywood

Dictators’ diplomats pressurized studios into censoring Hemingway adaptations


This week’s movie releases

Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke reteam with director Richard Linklater for Before Midnight


The giant has awoken

The demonstrations in Brazil increased almost overnight from a few thousand to over a million protestors. But it is the middle classes who are pouring out into the streets


Berlusconi: a dead weight

The ex-prime minister’s criminal convictions are a bind on the Italian government


EU finance ministers agree on seven-year budget ahead of summit

Spanish minister hails deal struck on who should shoulder the cost of future bank bailouts

Mother who killed daughter’s rapist gets reprieve from prison

Alicante woman thanks supporters after hearing her request for a government pardon will be considered


Bankia pockets €167m on sale of 12-percent stake in IAG

Holding group for Iberia, BA left without Spanish presence among core shareholders


Their own people

Europe’s political families are poor representatives of the values the Union is meant to espouse


Dancing to a universal rhythm

Flamenco and contemporary choreography unite for a unique show in Paris


In search of the lost city

Archeologists are hunting the town that produced the bodies found in a Visigothic necropolis in Vicálvaro Madrid authorities wants to build housing on the site