PP does U-turn on eviction initiative in Congress

Group to support consideration of measures to stem evictions Speaker orders protestors removed from Congress after PP jeered

Police make six arrests in connection with Kurdish group

Interior Ministry says that the detentions were carried out in Madrid, Barcelona and Murcia


“Lone wolf” terrorist alleged to have planned attacks held in custody

Police claim to have foiled assassination attempt against Arab official


Justice minister does partial backtrack on court charges

Fees to be reduced or abolished in some cases such as eviction from family home


Madrid City Hall dragged in to investigation of king’s son-in-law

Olympic 2016 bid foundation paid “donations” of 120,000 euros to Urdangarin


Innovation and renunciation

Benedict XVI, who began under the banner of conservatism, met stiff resistance to change

Court annuls part of pardon for Santander chief executive

Under concept of “honorability” those with criminal records cannot be employed as bankers

"We are aware that Spaniards are going through bad times," Draghi tells Congress

The president of the ECB meets with Spanish politicians behind closed doors Leftist-green group ICV leaks videos of private meeting


New rich / new poor

Next week's state-of-the-union debate needs to address disparities in economic growth and public trust to create agreements and resolutions


Spanish mobile phone lines in use fall for first time on record

Decrease in 2012 largely due to prepaid lines, which fell by 2.7 million


Treasury sails through tender of short-term paper

Sells slightly more than its target of 5.5 billion euros

Iberia reduces number of planned layoffs by 17 percent to 3,807

Airline formally presents labor adjustment plan, opening 30-day negotiation period


An Andalusian flavor at this year's awards

This year marks a historical presence of Andalusian films at the Goyas.


Four aces in search of a Goya

EL PAÍS brings together some of Spain's best directors All of them will be vying for a prize at this year's Goya awards ceremony


Hernán Cortés, the humanitarian

Historian argues conquistador authored renowned critical account of Mexico conquest