Family of Spanish priest accused of gang ties in El Salvador waits on tenterhooks

Father Antonio Rodríguez was arrested over links to country’s notorious Maras organizations


Poll shows Marina Silva is President Rousseff’s main rival in Brazil elections

Environmentalist would win 47% of vote in second round if she replaces late Socialist candidate

Woman and her father stabbed to death on busy Spanish beach

Killer, who was arrested after incident in Cantabria, may have had a relationship with female victim


Spanish cigarette sales plummet almost 50 percent in last five years

Tougher anti-smoking laws, the crisis, contraband and cheaper alternatives have all hit the big firms


The €4,000 shortcut across the Strait

Mafia groups are offering to take illegal migrants from Morocco to Spain in just 15 minutes


Catalan republicans call on premier Mas to ignore top court on self-rule vote

ERC leader Oriol Junqueras says he will not tolerate delays to planned November 9 referendum,

Staring Black Death in the face in Barcelona

Archeologists uncover first mass grave of 14th-century plague victims to be found in Spain