EuroVegas to start Madrid project in 2013

Las Vegas Sands Corp. chairman Sheldon Adelson makes announcement on visit to capital


Porn star and security chief among 80 arrests in Chinese mafia sting

Porn star and Socialist politician among 80 people arrested in Madrid and Barcelona Ringleader said to be well-known dealer specializing in Chinese and Spanish art


Markets rally in expectation Spain will seek soft bailout

Key German lawmakers would be open to Spanish request for aid Treasury sails through debt auction as expectations grow for second rescue


Ruling in Bayamo

The lesser sentence handed down is a hint that Carromero will be allowed to leave Cuba

Lukashenko launches tirade against Belarus national team

President says players “shit themselves” as they took to the field against Spain

Suspected ringleader is a well-known Chinese art dealer in Madrid

Gao Ping runs a culture foundation, a downtown art gallery and has played a role in Spain-China relations


Real and Barça oppose deal to play Supercup in China

La Liga’s big two in opposition to the rest of the clubs which accept the economic incentive of going east


Welfare services swamped as recession cuts deeper into funding

Eight million Spaniards turned to public services for assistance in covering basic needs in 2010


What Chávez inherits from Chávez

The Venezuelan president’s next term will hinge on the economy, his health problems and the battle to succeed him


Hard-up Andalusia opens protected reserve to hunting parties

Regional government to allow shooting of mountain goats and mouflon in Collado del Almendral The fees collected will go toward upkeep of remaining animals


A crisis without borders

After three decades of growth, Spain's charities are facing an unprecedented funding disaster Donations and government funding are drying up, leaving NGOs dependent on volunteers


Cries from the man on the street

How one angry letter sent to EL PAÍS became a 100-page tome


The rich get richer

This phenomenon of growing disparity between rich and poor, which began around 1980, has accelerated with the crisis