King Juan Carlos signs the law that ends his 39-year reign

Madrid rolls out massive security operation for Felipe VI’s coronation

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Rio police to investigate the use of firearms by officers in Maracaná

Two agents used live rounds to disperse anti-World Cup protestors near stadium during a match

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Santos: “The key is how much justice can be sacrificed in the name of peace”

The newly re-elected Colombian president discusses the continuation of the FARC talks

The first day of King Felipe VI’s reign

An outline of the planned events for the coronation of Spain’s new monarch on June 19

Antonio Banderas buys Málaga penthouse after split from Melanie Griffith

Spanish actor is keen to get out of L.A. and spend more time in his home town

Three decades of training program scams

Spain’s system of funding vocational courses has repeatedly shown itself to be open to corruption

Foundation linked to new party Podemos received €3.7m from Hugo Chávez

Party leaders sat on board of a Spanish not-for-profit that advised Venezuelan leader for a decade


Pablo Picasso’s ghost painting

Infrared analysis of early work ‘The Blue Room’ has revealed a portrait painted underneath