Prime minister ducks this year’s state of the nation debate

Tentative pact undermined as opposition turns on government over silence on EU package


Pressure eases on Spanish debt but EU bond-buying deal denied

Risk premium sees sharpest daily drop so far this year G20 report warns Spain could miss deficit targets


A rapid bank bailout

The government must promptly nail down the details and conditions of the EU rescue package


Constitutional Court legalizes radical Basque party Sortu by one vote

Decision to permit 'abertzale' leftist grouping divides judges Result identical to ruling on Bildu last year

Calatrava refutes inflated fees claim over 94-million-euro Valencia payout

Architect argues that City of Arts and Sciences deal was "modest"

Where is Kelly Agbon's son?

Nigerian immigrant has spent 11 years fighting to get back his child The family was separated by an apparent administrative error


The price of coal

Miners have been on strike for three weeks, protesting cuts in a sector on its last legs


Government to cut speed limit to 90km/h on minor roads

Variable maximum limits are to be implemented on Spain's highways Minister hopes to have new system approved "in second half of 2012"


Panic and parrhesia

Reams have been written about the crisis that afflicts us, but you have to search long and hard before you find one mention of the name of Marx

Wives of miners bring demonstrations to the Senate

Police attempt to impede progress of march to government building Around 100 secured accreditation to enter the public gallery

Spanish lawyer held by militia in Libya

Esteban Peralta Losilla had traveled to the meet with son of late dictator Muammar Gaddafi Two of his colleagues were accused of trying to pass a recording device to Saif El Islam

Foreign Ministry concerned over Gibraltar coast guards

Officials express doubts over British territory's plans to patrol waters King Juan Carlos to travel to Algeciras amid ongoing fishing row