The man who dined at the Devil’s table

Having once been in charge of the feared Cali cartel's security, Jorge Salcedo has long since been living a new life, after having turned informer

Who conned Luis del Olmo?

The radio presenter says that his life savings have been raided by his former friend Rogelio Rengel Rengel is alleged to have stolen millions of euros to keep his magazine afloat


Not all treasures are finders-keepers as Mercedes coins finally return

Ambassador Dezcallar salutes end to "voyage that began 200 years ago" Researcher was incredulous when she learned Odyssey used her to track haul

Odyssey treasure heads back to Spain

Spanish ambassador to US makes emotional speech before planes take off Seventeen tons of coins loaded onto Hercules aircraft due to arrive Saturday morning in Spain

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Odyssey to appeal US court's treasure trove decision

Treasurer hunter have until February 27 to ask for a review of the case